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What's a Super User ?

A Super User is someone who has logged into HarmonyGrid.com with the same email address used to purchase an Activation Key for HarmonyBuilder. This allows this person to save compositions sent via "Email This Score", or residing on HB Forum, the online music forum.

To register as a Super User, go to the registration page and create a User Name and Password. Be sure to enter the same email address you used to purchase the Activation Key.

To login as a Super User, go to HarmonyGrid.com or the HB Forum.

Once logged in as a Super User, you will have access to the "Save to Hard Disk" button in HarmonyPlayer.

Furthermore, when you login to the HB Forum as a Super User, you will gain access to the "Open (From Disk)" button in HarmonyScore (the forum score editor), allowing you to upload to the Forum any composition stored on your hard disk.

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