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HarmonyBuilder (Basic) is a music score writer. Unlike any other notation software, it focuses primarily on playback flexibility, allowing you to move easily between notes and chords, and hear every detail in the process. This makes it ideal as a music composition tool that will effectively substitute for the piano keyboard. Key-related 4-part chords can be entered with one button click, and notes can be adjusted by simply nudging them. You'll be amazed how it will inspire you to create intricate 4-part harmony, and to fashion your harmonies into exciting rhythms, using the note split and meld buttons.

Furthermore, you can email your score to friends who can open and play it from a browser, even if they don't have the editor.

The Basic score editor is ideal for:

  • Amateur and professional musicians who want a quick and easy way to notate musical ideas;
  • Students of harmony and counterpoint who need flexible music editing software;
  • Choral music directors;
  • Musicians who want to share music scores among themselves.




  • Write music structured as 4-part harmony
  • Move easily through the score
  • Experiment with harmony and rhythm
  • Export as MIDI file

HarmonyBuilder (Basic)
How to harmonize a melody with composition software


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