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HarmonyBuilder (Educational) is a music theory software that enables composers of 4-part harmony to check for errors in harmony and counterpoint. Color-coding is used to indicate harmony errors as well as signal the presence of chords derived from the major or harmonic minor scales. Furthermore, this is the first program available on the market that automatically recognizes chords and accurately names them in both modern and baroque notation.

The Educational version is designed for:

  • Students of theory, harmony, counterpoint, or tonal composition;
  • Teachers who are looking for a higher standard of course work from their students;
  • Teachers who are looking for a system that enables online score sharing and collaborative composition projects for their students.

The Educational version incorporates all the elements of the Basic version.


  • Voice-leading errors are automatically checked
  • Notes in a chord are color-coded for easy recognition
  • Chords are automatically recognized and named

HarmonyBuilder (Educational)
How to harmonize a melody with composition software


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